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A skyscraper-size asteroid flew nearer to Earth than the moon — and scientists did not understand till 2 days later


An asteroid as massive as a 20-story constructing sailed uncomfortably as regards to Earth ultimate week, zooming by way of our planet at more or less 1 / 4 of the space between Earth and the moon — and astronomers did not understand it till two days later.

Now dubbed 2023 NT1, the more or less 200-foot-wide (60 meters) area rock sailed previous our planet on July 13, touring at an estimated 53,000 mph (86,000 km/h), in keeping with NASA. Alternatively, for the reason that rock flew towards Earth from the course of the solar, our celebrity’s glare blinded telescopes to the asteroid’s method till lengthy after it had handed.

Astronomers did not catch wind of the building-size rock till July 15, when a telescope in South Africa — a part of the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Ultimate Alert Machine (ATLAS), an array of telescopes designed to identify asteroids a number of days to weeks prior to any doable impression — stuck the rock making its go out from our community. Greater than a dozen different telescopes additionally noticed the rock in a while in a while, in keeping with the World Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Middle.

The gray circle represents the moon’s orbit, whilst the golf green line represents the plain trajectory of asteroid 2023 NT1. (Symbol credit score: IAU/ Minor Planet Middle)


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