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All fines that may be imposed on you in Greece

All fines that may be imposed on you in Greece


We deliver on your consideration one of the vital maximum necessary information and tricks to make your holiday in Greece (if you made a decision to holiday there) trouble-free:

– For exceeding the utmost accepted velocity via as much as 20 km/h – 40 euros via as much as 30 km/h. – 100 euros, when riding at the freeway at over 150 km/h. – the high quality is 350 euros and the license might be revoked for 90 days.

– For speaking at the telephone (most effective Bluetooth is imaginable) whilst riding, the high quality is 100 euros.

– For a perilous maneuver – the penalty is 700 euros, 30 days with no license and preventing the car from riding for 10 days.

– For working a pink mild – 700 euro high quality, in addition to elimination of the automobile’s plates for 60 days and revocation of the motive force’s license for 20 days.

– For unsuitable remedy of pedestrians on a pedestrian trail – 200 euros and revocation of the license for 20 days.

– Violation of a prohibitory signal – 200 euros and revocation of license for 20 days.

– For the usage of alcohol, the penalty varies from 200 to one,200 euros, six months with no license and in all probability two months in jail, relying at the quantity.

-Using after the usage of medicine or intoxicating elements – a minimal high quality of 200 euros, revocation of the license between 90 and 180 days, and imprisonment for as much as 3 years.

– With out seat belts, each for the passengers who’re within the entrance of the automobile and for many who are within the again – a high quality of 350 euros and revocation of the license for as much as 20 days.

– Fines of one,500 euros for any individual who smokes in a automobile within the presence of a kid, whether or not the motive force or now not. The high quality is doubled to three,000 euros if the car is state-owned.

– Using with flip-flops – 50 euros.

– A high quality of 100 euros and 30 days license suspension if each fingers aren’t at the guidance wheel (instance: ingesting mineral water).

– Using with no license will value you 200 euros.

– For now not dressed in a seat belt – 350 euros, and the license is taken away for 10 days.

– For an open tow truck – the high quality is round 160 euros.

– For non-observance of signaling at a railway crossing or unsuitable overtaking, the high quality is 700 euros and revocation of license for as much as 60 days.

– The usage of anti-radar is exactly prohibited. For him, the high quality is 2000 euros. Along with a financial penalty, the motive force’s license might be revoked for 30 days and the car’s registration plates might be got rid of for 2 months.

If the numbers are revoked, the automobile has no proper to transport and stay in Greece, since with out registration plates it can’t move the border. After the penalty has expired, the motive force or an individual licensed via him can pass to Greece and get the price ticket and numbers again. Consequences are imposed administratively, now not judicially, and take impact right away. Request a document of the penalty imposed as you might have the best to attraction. Paying right away ends up in a discount within the high quality.

It is usually forbidden to hold firearms and/or melee guns, together with wearing them in a automobile, in case you don’t have a allow, which will have to be translated and legalized in Greek.

It’s obligatory to have a legitimate automobile insurance coverage!

Different fines lurking:

– The import of gasoline is against the law – the car is confiscated. It’s interpreted as unlawful visitors of excise items.

– 300 euros for waste at the seashore.

– Wild tenting is against the law. Because the fines for this get started from 150 euros and pass to jail.

– It’s forbidden to put tents and caravans outdoor the designated tenting spaces. The high quality is 150 euros and as much as 3 months in jail.

– Lights a fireplace is basically prohibited, and the consequences are 1000’s of euros.

You will need to to grasp that in case you supply your car to a 3rd birthday celebration and an offense is dedicated, the landlord of the car is criminally accountable for malicious acts dedicated with the car.

Your vacation in Greece is ruined if you’re stuck hitchhiking with an unlawful alien. In line with the Greek Penal Code, sentences for trafficking in unlawful immigrants vary from 2 to twenty years of imprisonment for every individual transported!

Competitive conduct towards a uniformed officer may be punishable. Don’t attempt to bribe a police officer as they are going to arrest you and impound the car for no less than 6 months.

Quiet Hours:

From April 1 to September 30, quiet hours are set and enforced right through the summer time.

In line with the order of the police, the daylight hours and midnight quiet hours are:

– from 3:00 p.m. till 5:30 p.m.

– from 11:00 p.m. till 07:00 /morning/.

Making noise, even loud conversations, is against the law. You’ll be able to document an indictment and be detained.

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