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Catspreading ‘Giant Boss’ amongst finalists of Comedy Puppy Images Awards


Numerous puppy house owners declare that their canine or cat is the funniest animal in the world. And the ones assertions would possibly in reality now not be too some distance from the reality, as evidenced by way of the 2023 finalists of the Comedy Puppy Images Awards. From a poodle flying during the air to a kitty sticking its tongue out to the digital camera, area puppy hijinks have reached a complete new stage.

The winners of the competition can be introduced August 11. 

A lifestyles converting tournament


(Symbol credit score: Michel-Zoghzoghi/Comedy Pets)

Alex is the shy one. Max is the playful one. In combination they shape a lethally lovely duo. I had extra a laugh taking pictures of those two than all through my maximum adventurous natural world pictures journeys.


dog and people

(Symbol credit score: Chris-Porsz)

In March 2019 I sat within the canine run in Union Sq. in New York Town once I noticed a woman with a crimson bag on her hand (to stay her hand blank) throwing a ball to her canine, which sat going through her. The canine then introduced itself and flipped in midair to stand me and snap! As you’ll be able to see, the girl together with her hand on her head used to be as stunned as me and I feel she is announcing “phew.” I’ve searched in useless by the use of the New York media to seek out the landlord in order that I will ship her a duplicate. No [luck], so I am hoping this Puppy Comedy festival can assist me in finding the thriller lady and her jumping canine. You by no means know!

The massive boss


(Symbol credit score: Kenichi-Morinaga/Comedy Pets)

Giant Boss is the boss round right here. He’s mild and [his] kindness simply [as] large.

Kylian’s sleep

dog and stuffed animal

(Symbol credit score: Katia Pillonel/Comedy Pets)

Kylian may now not sleep in some other mattress. Perhaps he dreamt of [the] jungle….

When digging will get critical


(Symbol credit score: Sophie Boynton/Comedy Pets)

Shadow used to be digging holes as customary on the seashore, when swiftly he used to be appearing off his new method! Fortuitously the digital camera used to be on the able for this loopy place!



(Symbol credit score: Kazutoshi Ono/Comedy Pets)

Best possible touchdown pose, proper?

The 3 greys

dogs and a woman

(Symbol credit score: Klaus-Peter Selzer)

Karin and her two canines. Do not all of them glance virtually the similar?

Albert Einstein

two cats

(Symbol credit score: Masayoshi Yamamoto/Comedy Pets)

He [stuck] out his tongue at me [just like the] well-known Einstein photograph.

The 498th spherical of disguise and search

dog and cat

(Symbol credit score: Kim Horstmanshof/Comedy Pets)

Misty the spaniel desperately sought after to play with Nala, the dignified older woman of the menagerie. She wasn’t that willing; thankfully Misty used to be lovely horrible at disguise and search.


(Symbol credit score: Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pets)

The force of soccer and looking ahead to the loose kick.

So, that is the supply of happiness


(Symbol credit score: Corinna Mooser/Comedy Pets)

That explains such a lot. (Do not be disturbed, it is simply common hemp for business.)

The primary out of doors stroll


(Symbol credit score: Darya Zelentsova/Comedy Pets)

Tiny satisfied ferret Boudicca (handiest 2.5 months outdated) enjoys her first out of doors stroll.



(Symbol credit score: Lana Polyakova/Comedy Pets)

Sure, his identify is Oscar. He’s an Afghan greyhound and could be very happy with himself.

Bidule as goalkeeper


(Symbol credit score: Felix Larcher/Comedy Pets)

We had been taking part in with our cat named Bidule, with a [ball of paper].

Stay your eye at the ball


(Symbol credit score: Gill Woodcock)

Making an attempt in useless to catch the ball. 

Pop up


(Symbol credit score: Kazutoshi Ono/Comedy Pets)

He turns out to come out of the fall leaves, does not he?

Ball play silhouette


(Symbol credit score: Christine Johnson/Comedy Pets)

Bobby attaining for the ball in opposition to a gorgeous sundown. We had been taking pictures of Bobby because the solar used to be briefly surroundings and disappearing in the back of the hill. I used to be converting the surroundings on my digital camera, to stay the element on a black canine in opposition to a pleasant sky and shortly learned to only pass with the straightforward possibility and shoot him as a silhouette.

Zorro reborn


(Symbol credit score: Karl Goldhamer/Comedy Pets)

The avenger of the deficient is again, however this time as a canine and now not on a horse, however in a automotive! The mandatory black masks is a should, in fact.

A phenomenal couple

woman and dog

(Symbol credit score: Lana Polyakova)

I could not get previous this couple!

Little Daisy and her large long term


(Symbol credit score: Darya Zelentsova/Comedy Pets)

Two sisters from other litters: self-confident Crystal and lovely child Daisy.

Is it a seal or a canine?


(Symbol credit score: Monyque Macedo Dos Santos/Comedy Pets)

There is a hiding position below the settee the place Louis likes to cover. That day I took his tennis ball from “his position,” he were given indignant and put his head out during the hollow barking requesting his ball again. That is when he was this indignant seal, and I determined to sign up the instant.

Edgar’s dandelion


(Symbol credit score: Jonathan Casey)

Gorgeous Edgar’s favourite meals are the leaves and dandelions. Right here she’s noticed taking her time to savor the flavour.

Who’re you?


(Symbol credit score: Udo Krauss/Comedy Pets)

Our cat Lilly performed with a mouse. We stored the mouse, and our canine Amy used to be fascinated about it.

My face when my weigh down says “hello”


(Symbol credit score: Kerstin Leichtenmüller/Comedy Pets)

We attempted to get a dreamy autumn photograph of Milo. As a substitute of mendacity a little bit on his facet he rolled round like loopy. His circle of relatives loves this shot as it displays his persona higher than some other image.

Flying poodle


(Symbol credit score: John Younger/Comedy Pets)

That is Barney, our toy poodle, stuck mid-flight whilst operating.


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