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Dropbox rebuilt its seek enjoy 40% quicker with Jetpack Compose

Dropbox rebuilt its seek enjoy 40% quicker with Jetpack Compose


To be had in 180 nations and with over 1 billion downloads on Google Play, Dropbox is without doubt one of the global’s most well liked report sharing and cloud garage products and services. Dropbox is on a challenge to design a extra enlightened method of operating, protecting lifestyles arranged and paintings transferring. Just lately that intended Jetpack Compose , Android’s trendy declarative toolkit for developing local UI.

Quote card with headshot of Ryan Harter, smiling. Quote text reads, 'With first class-support for design systems in Compose, we felt it would be easier to create a cohesive experience across our app that fit the Dropbox branding.'- Ryan Harter, Staff Android Engineer at Dropbox

A better, quicker solution to construct UI

Since adopting Compose, Dropbox builders have rewritten many options for the app, together with its house display, report preview, and seek reviews. Dropbox’s seek enjoy was once utterly rebuilt in only a few weeks, which was once 40% much less time than anticipated and no more than part the time it took them to construct the similar function for iOS.

The workforce having the ability to paintings quicker was once an immediate results of how easy it was once for them to make use of Compose. Since rebuilding the hunt enjoy, Dropbox builders have noticed a 13% building up in a hit seek periods —a key metric for the workforce.

Compose helped Dropbox builders transfer briefly, allowing them to simply construct complicated, customized UIs with the toolkit’s elementary development blocks and utilities. “Improve for more than one previews, with other configurations or information, lets in us to believe other diversifications of elements as we construct them as a substitute of as an afterthought,” stated Ryan Harter, personnel Android engineer at Dropbox.

The Dropbox workforce additionally constructed a brand new design gadget on best of Android’s MaterialTheme, which the engineers achieved through following Compose perfect practices. Growing the brand new design gadget on best of Android’s MaterialTheme minimized the time it took for Dropbox builders to put the app’s basis, letting them construct new options with Compose whilst keeping up a appear and feel that’s in keeping with Dropbox’s branding.

Compatibility with Perspectives made making an attempt Compose simple

Dropbox builders have been additionally swayed to make use of Compose because of its interoperability with Perspectives and have been inspired through how simple it was once to expand in tandem with each toolkits. The Dropbox workforce was once in a position to enhance vintage Perspectives libraries and plugins inside the app whilst developing new UI elements the use of Compose. As a result of this, Dropbox builders may step by step migrate the app to Compose as a substitute of utterly overhauling the app.

“Interoperability with Compose allowed us to transport ahead with the toolkit, even if we had to engage with Perspectives in positive workflows corresponding to ExoPlayer and PDF file perspectives,” persevered Ryan. “You’ll be able to get started with a smaller element and enjoy the advantages and progressed velocity with out committing to rewriting all your app. It’s transparent that Compose was once designed with the purpose that customers don’t want to carry out an all-or-nothing migration.”

Advanced trying out and experimentation

All the way through their rewrites, Dropbox engineers discovered that Compose made growing more straightforward and enabled extra environment friendly trying out. “Compose, along with Android Studio’s preview enhance, has allowed us to iterate on options quicker through lowering the duration of the comments cycle whilst growing monitors,” persevered Ryan.

The quick comments cycle and interactive previews from Compose allowed the Dropbox workforce to experiment with UX briefly and check any assumptions that they had concerning the updates, which made it more straightforward to free up options.

“If questions got here up about efficiency or use of an manner, we went into Android Studio and used the interactive previews to check and measure effects so we’d have extra solutions and less assumptions,” stated Alison Wyllie, a senior instrument engineer at Dropbox. “And the short comments cycle and interactive previews that include Compose have allowed us to experiment briefly with UX and check our assumptions, permitting us to get options into customers’ arms quicker.”

Jetpack Compose’s push towards a unidirectional information drift (UDF) additionally helped Dropbox engineers whilst trying out and debugging. Combining UDF with Compose trying out libraries and the toolkit’s declarative technique to developing UI made the Dropbox workforce assured that the app’s options have been solid and insect loose as a result of they may absolutely check them prior to free up.

Quote card with headshot of Alison Wyllie, smiling. Quote text reads, 'What used to take hundreds of lines of code can now be done in ten, saving time and making code much easier to understand and maintain'- Alison Wyllie, Senior Software Engineer at Dropbox

Proceeding enhancements with Jetpack Compose

Dropbox’s engineers have been inspired through the convenience and velocity with which they may iterate and get comments the use of Compose. With interactive and on-device previews, Compose lets in for experimentation and construction in ways in which weren’t in the past conceivable for the workforce at Dropbox. The Dropbox workforce plans to proceed development the app’s design gadget the use of Compose and expects maximum new options to be written with the toolkit.

“Compose gave us a recent get started with numerous key spaces that experience traditionally been tough for Android engineers. I’m very excited to look what new capability Google and the open supply neighborhood will create subsequent,” stated Allison.

Get began

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