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Hubble supplies a shocking view of a tightly packed sea of stars in globular cluster M14 – Astronomy Now


Globular clusters draw gasps of marvel when seen thru even modest telescopes. However the Hubble House Telescope’s view of Messier 14, combining visual, close to infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, is in a category on its own, a shocking sea of tightly-packed stars that defies the creativeness. Found out by way of comet-hunter Charles Messier in 1764, M14 options and estimated 150,000 suns positioned some 29,000 mild years from Earth within the constellation Ophiuchus. It’s smartly situated for watching in July. Click on into the picture beneath for a bigger view.

Messier 14, as noticed by way of the Hubble House Telescope. Symbol: NASA, ESA, and F. D’Antona (INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma); Symbol Processing: Gladys Kober


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