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The Biden management is about to announce plans to offer cluster munitions to Ukraine. A drug proven to gradual Alzheimer’s will get approval. Modern Democrats urge President Biden to transport quicker.


The Biden management is anticipated to announce lately that it’ll ship a brand new weapon to Ukraine – cluster bombs.


Those cluster munitions had been round for many years, and they have got been efficient in fight, however they are additionally arguable, and lots of countries have pledged to not use them.

MARTIN: We have been questioning why this is going on now, so we are joined by means of NPR nationwide safety correspondent Greg Myre in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv. Greg, thank you such a lot for being right here.

GREG MYRE, BYLINE: Certain factor, Michel.

MARTIN: So may you simply give us a brief rationalization of what cluster munitions are and why they are so arguable?

MYRE: So a cluster bomb may also be dropped from a aircraft, despite the fact that the Ukrainians would most likely be firing them from the bottom in an artillery shell. And whilst the cluster bomb is within the air, it breaks open and releases dozens and even loads of little bomblets. And it is extremely efficient when used towards troops unfold out over a large house as a result of there is no longer only one explosion. These kinds of little bomblets are supposed to blow up over a limiteless house the scale of a town block or so. Alternatively, some bomblets are duds. They do not detonate. They are small. They continue to be at the floor. They may be able to grow to be embedded slightly below the outside. So years later, after a struggle is over, civilians can stroll via those spaces and step at the bomblets, inflicting them to blow up and causing damage or dying. Because of this, human rights teams say they should not be used in reality for a similar reason why they adverse landmines.

MARTIN: However have they already been used on this struggle?

MYRE: Sure, they have got. Russia has used them widely in Ukraine to a lesser level, in line with analysis by means of Human Rights Watch. And greater than 120 nations, together with maximum NATO participants, pledged to not use them beneath a 2008 conference. However Russia, Ukraine and the U.S. aren’t a part of that settlement. The U.S. has used them previously. I take into account them way back to the primary U.S. struggle in Iraq in 1991. It gave the look of a in reality unhealthy golfer had left dozens of huge divots all over the place the route. And that immediately grabbed your consideration as a result of whilst you noticed this, you knew some unexploded bomblets have been lurking close by.

MARTIN: So why is that this so vital to Ukraine, and why now?

MYRE: Yeah, the primary reason why this appears to be going down now’s Ukraine is urgent this main offensive, and it is working low on artillery shells. Ukraine is making an attempt to damage via Russian traces within the east and the south, the place the Russian troops are deeply entrenched. And the cluster munitions is usually a very treasured weapon as a result of you’ll hit a bigger patch of territory with simply this type of guns, in comparison to a standard artillery shell. The U.S. has a big provide of them at the shelf, so it could possibly give them to Ukraine lovely briefly. And U.S. officers have instructed NPR that the dud fee has come down considerably. Mine-clearing teams used to speak about charges of 20% or extra. The U.S. says it is going to simplest be sending the ones with a dud fee of round 2% or much less. Some critics, despite the fact that, do query the Pentagon’s declare that the speed is in reality this low.

MARTIN: Greg, earlier than we assist you to move, are you able to give us a snappy replace at the standing of Ukraine’s offensive?

MYRE: Yeah, the Ukrainian army gave an excessively particular solution this week, mentioned Ukraine had retaken 9 villages and 62 sq. miles for the reason that offensive started a month in the past. Now, those figures are little or no modified over the past week or two, and it is a lot slower and extra restricted than many anticipated.

MARTIN: This is NPR’s Greg Myre in Kyiv. Greg, thanks.

MYRE: Certain factor, Michel.


MARTIN: For the primary time, the Meals and Drug Management has given its complete approval to a drug this is proven to decelerate Alzheimer’s illness.

SCHMITZ: That suggests many extra seniors can have get right of entry to as a result of Medicare pays for it.

MARTIN: NPR’s Jon Hamilton covers mind science and is right here with us to let us know extra about it. Jon, just right morning.

JON HAMILTON, BYLINE: Excellent morning.

MARTIN: So what do folks want to know maximum about this drug?

HAMILTON: Smartly, for starters, it is named Leqembi. Its generic title is lecanemab. It is administered by means of an intravenous infusion each and every different week. And whilst you give it to folks within the early levels of Alzheimer’s, it sounds as if to decelerate the lack of reminiscence and considering by means of about 27%. That every one sounds lovely just right. However this impact is in reality lovely modest, and the query a large number of docs have presently is whether or not this drug will in reality make a distinction to maximum sufferers and their households. So I in fact requested Dr. Sanjeev Vaishnavi. He is a neurologist on the College of Pennsylvania. Here is what he mentioned about Leqembi.

SANJEEV VAISHNAVI: It is not a house run. It is not one thing that is going to prevent the illness or opposite it. However it’ll decelerate development of the illness and can give folks extra significant or high quality time with their households.

MARTIN: So how does this drug paintings?

HAMILTON: Proper. So Leqembi is what is referred to as a monoclonal antibody. Those are antibodies which might be made within the lab, and they are programmed to head after a particular goal within the frame. This drug is designed to seek out and take away a substance within the mind referred to as amyloid beta. In folks with Alzheimer’s, amyloid beta has a tendency to shape those clumps and in the end those sticky plaques. They building up between mind cells. Scientists suppose that someplace alongside the best way on this procedure, one thing damages mind cells and ends up in dementia. They believe Leqembi works by means of interfering with that procedure.

MARTIN: So the FDA has now given its complete approval to this drug. Would you simply let us know what precisely that suggests and why does that subject?

HAMILTON: So again in January, the FDA gave Leqembi one thing referred to as an sped up approval. It is a kind of a conditional approval. That was once based totally purely on its skill to take away amyloid from the mind. That supposed docs may in fact prescribe the drug, however Medicare normally would not pay for it for the reason that drug had no longer proven that it had in fact bogged down the illness. And by means of the best way, this drug is pricey. It prices about $26,500 a yr. So now this complete approval way the FDA now believes the drug in reality does lend a hand sufferers. And it additionally signifies that Medicare pays. This is crucial as a result of Medicare covers folks 65 and older. And in different phrases, we are speaking concerning the overwhelming majority of folks with Alzheimer’s.

MARTIN: So does that imply that everyone who qualifies is now going so that you could get this drug, like, I do not know, the following day?

HAMILTON: Smartly, no longer precisely. I imply, even with complete approval, many of those folks nonetheless would possibly not have get right of entry to to Leqembi. This drug is just for people who find themselves within the very early levels of Alzheimer’s and feature increased ranges of amyloid. So even with that restriction, despite the fact that, this drug may probably succeed in 1,000,000 folks or extra, and, sadly, it has unwanted effects.

MARTIN: What are the unwanted effects you are speaking about?

HAMILTON: Leqembi may cause bleeding or swelling within the mind. That appears to be associated with the method of doing away with amyloid, which is able to in fact purpose irritation. So in different phrases, the method this is serving to the mind too can purpose harm. So when folks first get started taking this drug, they’re required to get periodic mind scans to search for hassle.

MARTIN: This is NPR’s Jon Hamilton. Jon, thanks.



MARTIN: President Biden made some main guarantees to the extra revolutionary wing of his birthday celebration on his method to the White Area.

SCHMITZ: He mentioned he’d forgive scholar loans, finish new drilling on federal lands and make two years of group school unfastened for all. Thus far, his file on turning in on those guarantees has been combined. And within the run as much as 2024, some revolutionary electorate and activists need Biden to do extra and do it quicker.

MARTIN: Deepa Shivaram covers the White Area for NPR and is with us as soon as once more to let us know extra about this tale. Excellent morning.


MARTIN: So let’s get started with scholar loans. The Ideally suited Courtroom blocked Biden’s debt reduction plan final week – clearly, a unhappiness for individuals who have been reckoning on that, even possibly budgeting for that. However how are revolutionary electorate responding to that? And I am specifically considering in the event that they blame Biden or the courtroom for his or her unhappiness about all this.

SHIVARAM: Yeah, there is no doubt a bit little bit of a sentiment amongst some revolutionary electorate that Biden overpromised on forgiving scholar debt. You heard the president say that he is aware of individuals are dissatisfied, however he rejected that he gave folks false hope, and he is looking to lay the blame on Republicans. However what has additionally stood out to revolutionary teams that I spoke with is that Biden bounced again with any other plan instantly. It’s going to take longer, however they have been satisfied that Biden did not simply throw his fingers up in this factor, they usually suppose he will have to observe that very same technique to a few different problems as smartly. This is Joseph Geevarghese. He is with a bunch referred to as Our Revolution. It is a political group which was once began by means of supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

JOSEPH GEEVARGHESE: It is a combined bag. The president’s made a down fee, however he is were given to battle like hell in the remainder time frame to turn electorate that he is doing the entirety in his energy to ship at the pocketbook problems that subject to him.

MARTIN: So a combined bag. Deepa, does that recommend that it will minimize into give a boost to for the president in 2024?

SHIVARAM: That could be a subject of enthusiasm. I talked to Adam Inexperienced, who is the co-chair of the Modern Trade Marketing campaign Committee. It is a team that subsidized lawmakers like Senator Elizabeth Warren. However he says Biden is doing one thing efficient, and that’s the reason the tactic of drawing contrasts together with his personal time table and the time table of right-wing Republicans.

ADAM GREEN: It is essential that Joe Biden, on behalf of all Democrats, alternatives very high-intensity fights with Republicans on such things as economics, abortion and democracy. He in reality must shed light on what the struggle traces are in order that common individuals who are living busy lives say, oh, I in fact care about that. It is value my time to vote.

SHIVARAM: And we already know that with abortion in particular, public opinion at the factor is not in step with what Republicans are calling for. And that’s the reason a message that Biden will likely be taking to the path in 2024.

MARTIN: So say extra about that. The place do revolutionary teams suppose Biden can nonetheless take extra competitive motion?

SHIVARAM: There may be some unfinished industry – such things as kid care, common pre-Ok that Biden’s going to run on once more. However local weather motion is a huge factor the place a large number of electorate really feel like Biden has subsidized out on what he promised in 2020. As an example, the president campaigned on guarantees to finish new drilling on federal lands as a way to rein in emissions. However he licensed a brand new undertaking in Alaska referred to as the Willow Challenge previous this yr. Thousands and thousands of folks petitioned towards it, and local weather activists see it as a complete about-face and a unhappiness for individuals who voted for Biden in response to his local weather time table. However I’m going to upload right here that Biden has already picked up various endorsements from environmental and conservation teams, and he is campaigning onerous on his file on making an investment in blank power initiatives.

MARTIN: This is NPR’s Deepa Shivaram. Deepa, thanks.


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