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‘Pink Rooms’, ‘Femme’ & Extra – Cut-off date


Pink Rooms gained a number one 3 awards together with Absolute best Characteristic on the twenty seventh annual Fantasia Global Movie Competition in Montreal, with the mystery Femme taking Absolute best Director for Sam H. Freeman & Ng Choon Ping and Exceptional Efficiency for Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. See the overall listing of winners underneath.

“Without equal impact a movie can reach is to implant an important and lasting emotional reminiscence,” the style fest’s jury mentioned in a remark. “The jury was once unanimously satisfied that [Red Rooms] masterfully achieved that function.”

In writer-director Pascal Plante’s mystery from Nemesis Motion pictures, the case of a serial killer who streamed his murders within the “pink rooms” of the Darkish Internet is going to trial, and Kelly-Anne (Laurie Babin) is obsessed. She is going down a depressing trail to procure the overall piece of the case’s puzzle.

In Femme, after drag artist Jules (Stewart-Jarrett) sees his closeted assailant (George Mackay) at a homosexual sauna, he starts courting him, hatching a plan for revenge.

Here’s the overall listing of winners on the twenty seventh Fantasia Movie Competition:

Cheval Noir Pageant – Characteristic Motion pictures

Absolute best Characteristic
RED ROOMS (Québec, d. Pascal Plante)

Absolute best Director
Sam H. Freeman & Ng Choon Ping (FEMME, United Kingdom)

Absolute best Screenplay
Pascal Plante (RED ROOMS, Québec, d. Pascal Plante)

Absolute best Ranking (The Sandro Strong point Award)
Dominique Plante (RED ROOMS, Québec, d. Pascal Plante)

Absolute best Cinematography
Zelda Adams & John Adams (WHERE THE DEVIL ROAMS, United States, d. Zelda Adams, John Adams and Toby Poser)

Exceptional Efficiency Award
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (FEMME, United Kingdom, d. Sam H. Freeman & Ng Choon Ping)
Juliette Gariépy (RED ROOMS, Québec, d. Pascal Plante)

Particular Point out
Vincent Doit Mourir (France, d. Stéphan Castang)

New Flesh Pageant for Absolute best First Characteristic – Debut Motion pictures

Absolute best First Characteristic
STAY ONLINE (Ukraine, d. Yeva Strelnikova)

Particular Jury Point out
TIGER STRIPES (Malaysia,Taiwan, France, Germany, d. Amanda Nell European)
THE ABANDONED (Taiwan, d. Tseng Ying-Ting)

Global Brief Movie Pageant

Absolute best Brief Movie
BOLD EAGLE (Philippines, dir. Whammy Alcazaren)

Absolute best Director
Jacob Chase (MR. BLUR, USA)

Absolute best Screenplay
David Winstone (THE NOLBELTO METHOD, UK, dir. David Winstone)

Exceptional Efficiency
Silvana Mihai (THE TASTER, Germany, dir. Sophia Bierend)
Lim Hyojin (SHOULDER, South Korea, dir. Kim Jaehyung)

Particular Point out
SWEET JUICES (Australia, dir. Im Sejon, Will Suen)

Absolute best Ranking
Matthias Dewilde (POPPY’S SATURN, Belgium, dir. Nicole Tegelaar)

Absolute best Cinematography
Julien Ramirez Hernan (TRANSLYVANIE, France, dir. Rodrigue Huart)

Axis: Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation

Absolute best Characteristic Movie
THE FIRST SLAM DUNK (Japan, d. Takehiko Inoue)

Particular Jury Point out
SAND LAND (Japan, d. Toshihisa Yokoshima)

Absolute best Brief Movie – Gold
A KIND OF TESTAMENT (France, d. Stephen Vuillemin)

Absolute best Brief Movie – Silver
ARCHITECT A (South Korea, d. Lee Jonghoon)

Absolute best Brief Movie – Bronze
RECORD. PLAY. STOP. (India, d. Neeraj Bhattacharjee)


IRLANDE CAHIER BLEU (Québec, dir. Olivier Godin)

Particular Jury Point out
HOME INVASION (United Kingdom, dir. Graeme Arnfield)


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