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Why we want VERITAS | The Planetary Society

Why we want VERITAS | The Planetary Society


Why do we want a Venus undertaking?

One of the vital nice unanswered questions in planetary science is what allowed Earth to expand and handle its habitability, whilst Venus turned into a sulfurous hell.

Venus and Earth have so much in not unusual, but are very other of their present state. Each planets have equivalent measurement and density, and Venus most likely used to have equivalent stipulations to Earth: oceans of liquid water, a gentle local weather, and different traits that can have made it liveable. 

VERITAS would assist us perceive this change by means of offering for Venus the sorts of international, high-resolution knowledge units that experience revolutionized our working out of Mars, Mercury, the Moon, and different our bodies.

In spite of its clinical hobby, similarity to Earth, and proximity, Venus is likely one of the lesser-studied planets in our Sun Gadget. The ultimate NASA undertaking to check the Venusian floor from orbit was once Magellan, which was once lively at Venus from 1989 to 1994. Two different global missions have orbited Venus since: Japan’s Akatsuki, and Europe’s Venus Categorical — however each centered at the Venusian setting quite than its floor. These days, scientists know extra concerning the floor of Pluto than the skin of Venus in spite of the latter being such a lot nearer to house.

For those causes and extra, the U.S. planetary science group’s decadal survey, which gives suggestions for the following decade of science exploration, strongly recommended the VERITAS undertaking.



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