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Workforce Dragon, Soyuz missions set for launches to ISS

Workforce Dragon, Soyuz missions set for launches to ISS


WASHINGTON — Two crewed missions stay on target to release to the Global Area Station over the following month and a part after addressing technical problems that incorporated a Soyuz coolant leak.

At a July 25 briefing, NASA officers stated they’re making plans the release of the Workforce-7 challenge to the ISS no previous than Aug. 17. That challenge, on a Workforce Dragon spacecraft, used to be scheduled for Aug. 15 however driven again two days to permit enough time to modify over Release Advanced 39A from Falcon Heavy to Falcon 9.

On the time of the briefing, a Falcon Heavy used to be scheduled to release July 26 sporting the Jupiter-3 communications satellite tv for pc. That release used to be not on time two days on account of a technical factor, however effectively lifted off overdue July 28.

Neither NASA nor SpaceX have stated if that slip will even additional prolong Workforce-7. On the briefing, Steve Stich, NASA business group program supervisor, stated that if Workforce-7 does no longer release via Aug. 18, the one to be had release alternative ahead of Aug. 25 can be Aug. 21 on account of Growth shipment spacecraft operations on the station.

Benji Reed, senior director for human spaceflight systems at SpaceX, stated arrangements for Workforce-7 had been going smartly. He said that, at the earlier shipment Dragon challenge, CRS-28 in June, there have been issues of isolation valves within the spacecraft’s propulsion gadget that had been caught open. The ones valves, used provided that there’s a thruster leak, had been it seems that corroded and remained open, even if they weren’t wanted.

“We’re proactively examining isolation valves throughout all the Dragon automobiles,” he stated. The valves at the Workforce-7 spacecraft are running generally, in addition to the ones at the Workforce-6 car docked to the station. “We really feel assured within the Workforce-6 car this is on station. We really feel assured within the Workforce-7 car this is about to fly.”

Workforce-7 will probably be commanded via NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, with Eu Area Company astronaut Andreas Mogensen serving as pilot. Satoshi Furukawa of the Eastern area company JAXA and Konstantin Borisov of Roscosmos will probably be challenge experts. The 4 are anticipated to spend about 190 days at the station, stated Joel Montalbano, NASA ISS program supervisor.

They’re going to be adopted via the Soyuz MS-24 spacecraft, scheduled to release Sept. 15. It is going to convey Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub and NASA astronaut Loral O’Hara to the station. O’Hara is scheduled to spend six months on the station, even if Kononenko and Chub might spend a yr there.

The release would be the first crewed Soyuz challenge since Soyuz MS-22 in September 2022. That spacecraft suffered a coolant leak in December that led Roscosmos to come to a decision to switch the spacecraft, launching an uncrewed Soyuz MS-23 in February and bringing again Soyuz MS-22 and not using a group.

Montalbano stated {that a} Roscosmos investigation concluded there used to be no longer a defect with the Soyuz spacecraft that led to the leak, although a Growth shipment spacecraft suffered a equivalent leak in February.

Montalbano stated he and Ken Bowersox, NASA’s affiliate administrator for area operations, met with Roscosmos officers per week and a part previous in Moscow. He stated there used to be no proof of adjustments in procedures, tooling or body of workers that can have led to the Soyuz coolant leak.

“Lately, the belief of Roscosmos is that some form of exterior power,” like a micrometeoroid or orbital particles affect, led to the leak. “The NASA group has additionally checked out it, unbiased of the Russian group, and we additionally can’t in finding the rest, in response to the ideas we’ve been given via our Russian colleagues, of the rest as opposed to some form of exterior power or particles or one thing else like that.”

Montalbano stated arrangements proceed for a September release, together with coaching via O’Hara, who has deliberate to fly to the station in March ahead of that Soyuz spacecraft used to be introduced and not using a group to switch Soyuz MS-22. He stated that, after the prolong, she did “flight following” of ISS actions with program managers, taking part in conferences to look station operations from the “non-astronaut” viewpoint. “She’s in a position to move,” he stated.



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