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Ketchup vs. Mustard: The Final Summer season Condiment Showdown


’em and additionally love ’em, the ones iconic meals pairings like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese or pickles and ice cream. Whilst it is laborious to mention who first put ketchup and mustard at the similar canine or burger, we can hint their particular person histories and notice that each rose to iconic standing in the United States early within the twentieth century and thus used to be just a topic of time prior to the dynamic duo discovered each and every different in a squeezable and spreadable love tale for the ages.

However it is 2023, and within the spirit of winners and losers and not anything in between, we are pitting ketchup (or “catsup” in case you are fancy) in opposition to mustard (or “moutarde” in case you are French), within the sauciest of summer season showdowns. 

Sport on!

ketchup bottle being poured

Ketchup intake trounces that of mustard, and a bottle of the pink stuff will also be present in just about each and every house in The us.


Whilst a casual ballot achieved on Fb (through me) noticed mustard edge out ketchup 23-20, mustard gross sales had been simply $433 million in 2017 in comparison to ketchup’s staggering $765 million, in keeping with Statista. French’s continues to be the top-selling mustard logo, claiming a 3rd of the United States marketplace, with Gray Poupon rolling in at more or less 15% and personal labels rounding out the remainder. Heinz dominates all challengers, yellow or pink, with Hunts a far off 2nd within the ketchup class. And whilst mustard seed is 2nd simplest to peppercorns so far as spices move, ketchup is actually freaking far and wide. Test your table drawer, there is a packet in there, I promise.

heinz bottle in space

In 2021, Heinz partnered with astrobiologists to look if tomatoes for ketchup may well be grown on Mars, will have to we ever must inhabit the pink planet. 


Ketchup, the self-proclaimed “king of condiments” is derived from a Hokkien Chinese language phrase, kê-tsiap, that may be traced way back to the seventeenth century. Authentic variations could be nearly unrecognizable to us, comprised principally of mushrooms in conjunction with flavoring brokers corresponding to fermented fish, oysters and walnuts. It wasn’t till 1812 that tomatoes had been presented. Combined with brandy, spices and preservatives like sodium benzoate, ketchup’s reputation spiked partially for its relatively lengthy shelf lifestyles and as a method for protecting tomatoes.

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Pittsburgh entrepreneur Henry Heinz reinvented the sauce within the early 1900s the usage of pectin-rich ripe tomatoes and vinegar as herbal preservatives (as an alternative of an increasing number of unpopular chemical substances) and ketchup started to experience a full-on frenzy. As Heinz perfected his sauce, difficult and needless house recipes started to fade from cookbooks and Heinz would come to dominate the condiment class. Nowadays, a bottle will also be present in more or less 97% of American families and just about each and every eating place internationally. 

French's mustard beer cans

In 2020, Oskar Blues and French’s Mustard were given in combination and made this occur.

Amanda Kooser/CNET

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Mustard’s adventure begins lengthy prior to ketchup’s however results in a quite an identical position. Now a multibillion-dollar world marketplace, fashionable mustard first emerged in Europe within the 6th century B.C. Mustard seeds were discovered even additional again in fossils, traced to the Mesopotamian empire (within the Center East) circa 3000 B.C. and within the catacombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Each Greeks and Romans ate a model of ready mustard blending mustard seeds with grape will have to and spices, and in the end jotted down an reputable recipe in 42 A.D. 

Across the tenth century, mustard had made its technique to the English and French countrysides and, over the following a number of centuries, a number of variations would emerge as a particularly standard selection made with white wine within the small French village of Dijon through Marice Gray and his financier, Auguste Poupon.  

As large a success because it used to be out of the country, mustard did not in finding its footing in the United States till Robert French, of R.T. French Corporate, presented a gentle yellow model as a scorching canine condiment all through the St. Louis Global’s Honest (1904). French’s yellow mustard would experience dominance till 1981 when Gray Poupon capitalized at the luxury-obsessed technology with its “Pardon Me” advert marketing campaign, that includes Gordon Gekko-esque businessmen consuming it with steak at the back of Rolls Royces. Despite the fact that it is by no means overtaken yellow mustard, flexible Dijon and highly spiced English earned adoration each as a condiment and connoisseur element utilized by peak cooks and seasoned house chefs.

Pope John Paul XXIII allegedly beloved mustard such a lot that within the early 1300s, he created a place within the Vatican known as Grand Moutardier du Pape, or “nice mustard maker to the Pope.” Others like Queen Victoria adopted swimsuit and, in 1866, appointed Jeremiah Colman, founding father of Colman’s Mustard of England, her reputable “mustard maker.”

Ketchup has some political pull of its personal. Thomas Jefferson’s cousin Mary Randolph used to be it seems that one of these fan she integrated a recipe in her influential Nineteenth-century cookbook, The Virginia Housewife. And who may just fail to remember the 2004 election, when ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry, spouse of Democratic nominee John Kerry, used to be only a measly 19 electoral votes from the White Space?

mustard bottles

Remember to seek advice from the Nationwide Mustard Museum in case you are ever passing via Middleton, Wisconsin.

The Nationwide Mustard Museum

What would our fashionable global be with out the ones “take it too a long way” other people? Former Wisconsin Legal professional Common Barry Levenson operates the Nationwide Mustard Museum in Middleton, the place he homes his selection of over 5,000 mustards from greater than 60 international locations, in conjunction with numerous mustardy memorabilia. He it seems that loves the condiment such a lot that he shaves with it, a lot to the horror of his no doubt exhausted spouse.

To not be outdone, Ralph Finch of Farmington Hills, Michigan, has turn into The us’s maximum prolific ketchup collector and blames “having to masks his mom’s horrible cooking” for the lifelong obsession. His assortment, on the other hand, clocks in at a paltry few hundred bottles plus memorabilia, even though Finch not too long ago cashed in a lifestyles insurance plans to enlarge the gathering in a valiant try to catsup to Levenson. 

condiments in small bowls

Stefan Tomic/Getty Pictures

It is a tough one, as style is decidedly subjective. Maximum culinary-minded people may forged their ballots for mustard, mentioning the complexity of taste, vary of haute choices and French affiliation. However believe a 2004 New Yorker article, The Ketchup Conundrum through Malcolm Gladwell, the place he outlines how ketchup, in particular Heinz, is that uncommon meals with extraordinarily top “amplitude,” a phrase sensory mavens use to explain flavors which are well-blended and balanced and “bloom” within the mouth. It is a logical reason why that different manufacturers, massive and small, battle to make a dent in Heinz’s marketplace percentage, and whilst mustard provides way more attention-grabbing and engaging variations of itself, excellent ketchup delivers “candy, bitter, salty, sour and umami flavors, harmoniously and abruptly.” 

Let’s name it a draw.

Level: Tie

mustard being passed from car to car

Gray Poupon’s hit advert marketing campaign tying the mustard to wealth and style would later earn the mustard choose with rappers like 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar.


Save for Gray Poupon with its iconic ’80s advert marketing campaign and next love and lyrical shoutouts from hip-hop artists, each have remained reasonably tame with regards to large sweeping cultural references. 

Ketchup is an obtainable and inexpensive type of pretend blood for newbie horror filmmakers and pranksters in a pinch, whilst deadly wartime agent mustard fuel (now not in reality mustard, however named for its an identical odor) won infamy in Global Wars I and II. 

“Put some mustard on it” — the preferred of mustard-related idioms — manner so as to add some power or velocity to one thing, whilst “it is like hanging ketchup on a steak” manner you might be ruining one thing excellent through including a lesser part — on this case, ketchup. More or less impolite.

Mustard is the transparent winner right here, recognized to carry reduction for a myriad of illnesses together with joint ache, pores and skin issues or even deficient breathing well being. It additionally clocks in at simply 5 energy in keeping with serving (give or take), whilst ketchup, containing sugar and more or less 20 energy in keeping with serving, claims only a few well being advantages.

chicken in mustard sauce

Rooster in mustard sauce is a vintage recipe.

Nice British Cooks

Every other transparent decisive win for mustard, which is used to make a few of our favourite recipes, salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Mustard types will also be discovered in lots of bureaucracy, too, from candy honey mustards to deep, darkish, highly spiced browns. Ketchup has made its approach into sauces and recipes in its personal proper like meatloaf. And in Spain, they combine it with mayo making a heavenly dip. However its culinary future appears to be cemented merely as the sector’s hottest standalone condiment. Indisputably, not anything to shake a scorching canine at.  

With the main avid gamers in each ketchup and mustard sticking to a quite conventional social playbook, Heinz crushes all with over 59,000 fans on Twitter and 180,000 on Instagram. Gray Poupon helps to keep a low profile on social media, reputedly looking ahead to would-be social media stans to search out it. Very French.

Within the early 2000s when positive American citizens had been boycotting French exports when that nation adversarial the Iraq struggle (consider Freedom Fries?), French’s Mustard used to be nervous it could move viral for the “flawed” causes. The entrepreneurs and powers that be could be damned if somebody idea the mustard — which used to be merely based through a man named Bob French — used to be in reality French. To dissuade the sort of notions, it introduced a borderline Franco-phobic advert and social media marketing campaign. Loosen up, you guys.  



See? Now not French.

Since then, French’s has launched a slew of surprising PR stunt releases and collaborations together with a mustard-flavored beer and mustard ice cream in hopes of hitting it large, however none have stuck on in any important approach.


Fb/The Beverly Evaluation

At the ketchup aspect of items, Heinz attempted to capitalize at the misfortune of baseball fan Invoice Baffes, who landed a glob of yellow mustard more or less the scale of Delaware on his left cheek in 2018 and used to be stuck on digital camera, a lot to the pride of the sport’s announcers. Heinz (which additionally makes yellow mustard) pounced on Baffes’ gaffe, providing him season tickets to the ballpark if their tweet hit 10,000 likes. It did, however in a gloomy twist, Baffes, who coincidentally owns a small grocery retailer at the south aspect of Chicago, noticed a chance to snag a bit of buzz of his personal and introduced a promotion gifting away unfastened bottles of, look ahead to it… French’s yellow mustard. 

You’ll be able to’t make these things up, people. And although you’ll want to, would you need to?


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